Suspended and open ceiling cleaning

Are your acoustic tiles dirty or stained? Do your open ceilings need dusting? Rely on Pro Acoustique’s team of professionals and their expertise, which is renowned across Quebec.

Our experts help to clean and dust:

  • Plain or porous acoustic tiles
  • Structural and open ceilings
  • Painted ceilings, cathedral ceilings, etc.

We also clean hanging T-bars, air diffusers, sprinkler heads, lighting systems and loudspeaker grilles. Pro Acoustique experts leave no stone unturned!

Cleaning ceilings of commercial buildings

Whether it’s a restaurant kitchen, bakery, butcher shop, food processing plant or laboratory, Pro Acoustique has the know-how to clean suspended or open ceilings in facilities with extremely high hygiene standards.

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Premium acoustic ceiling coating

We have the expertise to refurbish your high-end acoustic tiles. A coating is sprayed on the tiles to restore their original luster. We offer a wide range of colors for your acoustic tiles to match your existing decor.

Unlike traditional latex painting, this special coating maintains the original properties of your acoustic tiles.

  • Maintains 100% of the acoustic properties of your tiles
  • Preserves the fire-retardant properties of your tiles
  • Prevents the tiles from becoming deformed after application
  • Features a non-toxic coating
  • Coats tiles, air diffusers and T-bar suspensions in a single step, thanks to the unique application technique
  • Does not obstruct the openings to access your systems
  • Provides uniform color to your acoustic ceilings

Rely on a cost-effective, long-term and sustainable solution! 

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Dust deflector for suspended ceilings


Our acoustic tile protector is the ideal solution to reduce the accumulation of dust on your suspended ceilings. It acts as a deflector that prevents dust particles accumulation on tiles and around air diffusers.

Pro Acoustique relentlessly looks for effective and affordable techniques to protect your suspended ceilings. We even sell and install these dust deflectors for you!

LAUNCH OFFER $ 26.95 each (Regular price: $36.95 each).

With each ceiling cleaning you purchase.

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